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USC Spraymax 1K FillClean Solventborne Aerosol Can-Low Viscosity $9.99



 USC Spraymax FillClean® is a convenient, patented, no-mess system that transforms solventborne and waterborne single stage and basecoat color into a convenient 1K aerosol that performs like a spraygun.


Part of a complete aerosol refinishing system.

  • Convenient color indicator in top of cap
  • VOC compliant and non-toxic
  • Low investment costs
SUGGESTED USE: Ideal for small body panels, spot repairs, motorcycle and bicycle painting.

Using this can we can custom blend aerosols in DuPont Chromabase basecoat in many different colors.

The base price for the aerosol can is $8.95. There will also be the additional cost of the paint added to the base price.

Please contact store via phone or email with your vehicles paint code for more info.

USC 3682072


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