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3M Particulate Respirator (10pk)

Item#: MMM 07185

Discontinued. Replaced with 3M 54343

Designed for use in grinding, sanding and buffing applications .Lightweight, two-strap filtering facepiece respirators with exhalation valve for cool comfort and an adjustable nose clip, the 07185 helps provide excellent protection.

Workplace applications include grinding, sanding, buffing and other dusty/hot operations. It features the 3M™ Cool Flow ™ exhalation valve which makes the respirators more comfortable for the technician especially in hot, humid conditions and helps to extend the life of the respirator as it is less likely to collapse due to moisture.

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3M Particulate Respirator 8511 N95 54343

Item#: MMM 54343

This disposable N95 particulate respirator features the proprietary 3M Cool Flow Valve and helps provide comfortable, reliable worker respiratory protection. It is ideally suited for hot/dusty work settings that require long periods of wear.

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