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Astro Pneumatic 929 Heavy Duty Air Saw

Item#: APT 929


‧ Heavy duty industrial air saw eliminates drag and powers through the toughest of surfaces ‧ Saw comes complete with newly designed guide that prevents "Waffleing" ‧ Kit includes: - Heavy Duty Industrial Air Saw - Work Guide - Silver-Coated Blade - Red-Coated Blade 5SAW & 5SAWR ‧ Includes 5 bi-metal multi-purpose saw blades per pack ‧ Comes in a vinyl pouch for easy storage ‧ Blade replacement is quick and easy ‧ Cuts through pipe, mild steel, aluminum, plastic and fiber glass.


Free Speed: 5000 rpm

Strokes Length: 2/5" (10mm)

Strokes per Minute: 5,000 BPM

Capacity Cutting Size: 1.6mm Steel

Air Inlet: 1/4"

Air Pressure: 6.2bar

Air Consumption: 4cfm

Weight: 1-3/4" (0.8Kg)

Overall Length: 9-5/6" (250mm)


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