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DuPont Plas-Stick 2319S PlasticPrep Quart

Item#: DUP 2319S -4

Plas-Stick® 2319S™ Plastic-Prep is a ready-to-use plastic parts cleaner designed to remove mold release agents and other surface contaminants and eliminate static.

Plas-Stick® 2319S™ Plastic-Prep is a critical step in the success of the plastic repair procedure. It is intended for use on primed plastic or primed fiberglass, ABS or Lexan (Polycarbonate) substrates. For all other primed plastic parts refer to Plas-Stick® 2330S™ or A-2330S™ technical data sheets for the most current plastic repair recommendations.

Packaged in plastic quart container.

Plastic Repair Flow Chart

tech sheet

sds sheet

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