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Standox Silicone Remover Antistatic 16203

Item#: ST 16203

A one-component, solvent cleaner for removing wax and grease. Suitable for all temperatures and substrates.

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Your Price: $98.25

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DuPont First Klean 3900S Gallon

Item#: DUP 3900S 01

A 6.5 VOC cleaner formulated to dry fast for initial surface preparation prior to sanding or bodywork.

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DuPont Final Klean (Gallon)

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Final Klean 3901S is a fast-dry surface cleaner formulated to speed final surface preparation prior to painting. 

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DuPont 3909S Final Klean Gallon

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A 0.5 VOC multi-purpose cleaner that leaves no surface residue and dries quickly making it ideal as a final cleaner. 

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DuPont Prep-Sol Cleaning Solvent 3919S Gallon

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A 6.4 VOC cleaning solvent specifically designed to remove wax, grease, silicone, dirt, tar, insect remnants, road film and pinstripe adhesives from the surface. 

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DuPont Lacquer and Enamel Cleaner 3939S Gallon

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DuPont 3939S Lacquer and Enamel Cleaner is a cleaning solvent specifically designed for removing sanding sludge prior to painting.

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