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3M 05863 Platinum Plus Body Filler for DMS

Item#: MMM 05863

3M Platinum™ Plus body filler, packaged as a cartridge-based two component body repair material for use in the 3M Dynamic Mixing System.

Preventing pinholes means outstanding results. The secret to a better finish with the 3M™ Dynamic Mixing System lies in the vortex-like action occurring in the mixing nozzle. Within this sealed environment, no air is allowed to enter when the filler or glaze and hardener are mixed to a perfect ratio.

The absence of air in the cartridge and mixing nozzle virtually eliminates problematic pinholes in the final finish – pinholes that are simply unavoidable using traditional mixing techniques.

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3M Platinum Glaze for DMS 05862

Item#: MMM 05862

A cartridge-based, two-component, self-leveling glaze designed for use as a "skin" coat over sheet metal and dent repair compound to fill pinholes, sand scratches, low areas, and other imperfections.

Your Price: $37.04

3M Reinforced Filler for DMS 05877

Item#: MMM 05877

3M™ Reinforced Filler PN 05877 is a two component, resin rich filler formula, containing milled fiberglass and packaged in a 297 ml Dual Cartridge System.

Your Price: $23.93

3M Dynamic Mixing Nozzle 05847

Item#: MMM 05847

Mixing nozzle for 3M Dynamic Mixing System. Active mixing action completely blends materials, and its short length guarantees low waste. 3M’s DMS nozzles deliver body repair products to the part faster than any manual applicator and static mixing nozzle combination.

Your Price: $92.50

3M Dynamic Mixing Applicator Pneumatic 05846

Item#: MMM 05846

Powered by your shop’s pneumatic air system, this easy-to-use device comfortably fits any grip and is always ready to dispense fillers, glazes, adhesives, sealers and plastic repair products.

Your Price: $676.37