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3M Paintable Undercoating Pouch 08747

Item#: MMM 08747

3M Paintable Rubberized Undercoating pouch is a 5.5 fluid ounce fast-drying, flexible, durable undercoating that can be painted with standard refinish paint systems to match any OEM color desired. 

3M™ Paintable Undercoating Pouch is for use with 3M's pressurized Accuspray™ System to quickly deliver undercoating onto panels. The precise delivery of undercoating allows product to be sprayed at virtually any angle so OEM textured finishes can be easily matched. Because the spray gun is so accurate, less masking is required and overspray is reduced, practically eliminating the solvent use needed for clean up. 

cancer and reproductive harmYour Price: $30.29

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