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3M Polishing Pad Double Sided 05705

Item#: MMM 05705

Double sided, soft edge polishing pad designed for use with a polisher and glaze. 3M™ Wool Polishing Pad is made with extremely fine fibers to produce a high gloss on paint surfaces. Pad has its own built in, lightweight support system. For use with 3M™ 05710 adaptor.

Your Price: $51.91

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3M Compounding Pad Double Sided 05703

Item#: MMM 05703

100% wool double-sided, screw-on, pad with a stiffer central hub for more cutting power.

Your Price: $45.20

3M Perfect-It Foam Compound Pad

Item#: MMM 05723

Foam compounding pad used to apply compound to remove sand scratches and swirls. Convoluted foam face design holds compounds better, i.e., reduces slinging of compound. Use backup pads (3M 05717 or 05718).

Your Price: $43.96

3M Perfect-It Foam Polishing Pad

Item#: MMM 05725

Convoluted foam face produces wheel/swirl free paint finish when used with 3M™ Perfect-It™ Foam Polishing Pad Glazes.

Your Price: $44.00