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3M Polyolefin Adhesion Promoter Aerosol 05907

Item#: MMM 05907

Adhesion promoter to be used with 3M part numbers 05895, 05896, 05887, 35887, 34240, 04240, 04747, 04247 for the repair of polypropylene and ethylene propylene interior and exterior parts.


cancer and reproductive harmYour Price: $42.95

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3M Automix EZ Sand Flexible Parts Repair

Item#: MMM 05887

Two-part epoxy used to repair most flexible plastic parts, including bumper covers and other plastic body panels. This product should NOT be used with SMC/fiberglass. This product is easy sanding and formulated for excellent featheredge.

Your Price: $57.49

3M Duramix Plastic Repair (Semi Rigid)

Item#: MMM 04240

Urethane plastic repair material for repairing damaged bumpers and re-building tabs.

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3M Duramix Super Fast Plastic Repair Adhesive

Item#: MMM 04247

Bonds to virtually any substrate and has excellent gap-filling capabilities for bonding small parts.

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