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Datco Surgical Blue Tack Cloth 15801

Item#: MIS 15801

The leading tack cloth in the OEM and Automotive Aftermarket industries, Surgical Blue® Tack Cloth ensures a contaminant-free surface for the finest finish.


Surgical Blue® is manufactured from the highest grade 100% woven cotton and impregnated with our non-hazardous tackifier solution. Use Surgical Blue® Tack Cloth before painting to prevent defects.



  • Excellent for any clearcoat/basecoat applications
  • Anti-static, non-toxic, safe and odorless
  • Removes dust, lint, metal and other contaminants
  • Compatible with all waterbase and waterborne paints and finishes
  • Compatible with powder coating
  • Leaves surface clean and free from residue
  • Silicone and solvent free
  • Always soft and pliable


12 individually bagged 18″x 36″ cloths

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