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Devilbiss DeKups Adapter DPC-500

Item#: DEV DPC-500

Converts any 3M PPS adapter for use with DeKups disposable cups. 

The insert is set  in to the throat of the PPS adapter allowing the DeKups adapter to be threaded in.

Your Price: $14.77

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Devilbiss DeKups 3oz Disposible Cups

Item#: DEV DPC-503-K24

Devilbiss DeKups 3 oz disposable paint cups. 


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Devilbiss DPC-600 De-Kups

Item#: DEV DPC-600

34 oz./1000 ml Disposable cup/lid (32)

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Devilbiss DPC-601 De-Kups

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24 oz./710 ml Disposable cup/lid (32)

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Devilbiss DPC-602 De-Kups

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9 oz./265 ml Disposable cup/lid (32)

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Devilbiss De-Kups Adapter DPC-501

Item#: DEV DPC-501

Adapter Kit (SATA QCC full size)

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Devilbiss De-Kups Adapter DPC-504

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Adapter (SATA QCC Full Size Adapter)

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Devilbiss DeKups Adapter DPC-11

Item#: DEV DPC-11

Adapts sprayguns for use with DeKups.

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