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E-Z Mix E-Z Dabber

Item#: EZM 78000

E-Z Dabbers are economical and useful for paint, removing imperfections,glue, lubrication and more. With a lint-free nylon tip you are able to apply as little as 1/8 of a drop. The dabbers have a tapered head for precise application and flexibility for maximum accessibility.

Your Price: $10.83

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E-Z MIX Clear Pour Bottle 10003

Item#: EZM 10003

Clear Touch-Up Bottles are made of PET shatterproof, clear plastic.

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E-Z MIX Original Touch Up Bottle 70002

Item#: EZM 70002

Original Touch-Up Bottle feature E-Z to use bottle graphics for mixing accuracy with ratios for 2,3 and 4 stage applications and are made of HDPE.

Your Price: $1.42

E-Z MIX Metal Can Opener

Item#: EZM 10099

 Metal can opener.

Your Price: $0.55