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Evercoat Rage Ultra Extra Gallon

Item#: FIB 144

Introducing a revolution in body filler technology. Rage Ultra 40 is specially formulated to allow for extended work times—up to 40 minutes. Manufacturers and Body shop technicians can mix and spread large quantities knowing they have enough time to work large surface areas, saving time and increasing productivity. And because Rage Ultra 40 is manufactured with the Evercoat exclusive ECORESIN technology, it has the Rage Ultra industry-leading sanding properties including fast and easy standing with 80 grit sand paper. Rage Ultra 40 can also be mixed with Rage Ultra body filler for the ultimate flexibility in work time in most any temperature while maintaining the proper mix ratio.

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Evercoat Rage Ultra

Item#: FIB 125

Rage® Ultra is the world’s best sanding body filler. Its unparalleled sanding qualities are a result of the patent pending formula that contains renewable technology.

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