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H&S MFG Body Side Molding Tip 1005

Item#: HSM 1005

1005 Molding Rivet Welding Tip: The 1005 Molding Rivet Tip is specially designed to hold 1003 Molding Rivets during welding. The tip has a built-in magnet that holds the rivet firmly for easy placement during welding. Designed with a Morse Taper for a positive fit with easy removal.

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H&S MFG Body Side Molding Rivets 1003

Item#: HSM 1003

1003 Body Side Molding Rivets: The 1003 Body Side Molding Rivets are OEM style rivets designed to attach the body side molding clips. These rivets return the repaired panel to original OEM design and quality.

Your Price: $30.00