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Motor Guard Spray Gun Filter D-12-2

Item#: MGC D-12-2

The "Original" Disposable Compressed Air Spray Gun Filter
New and Improved for HVLP Guns

For years, the Motor Guard's D-12 Disposable Spray Gun Filter has been the answer to the painter's worst nightmare - FISHEYE! Now, with the introduction of High Volume, Low Pressure (HVLP) spray guns using shop air, comes even more critical requirements for clean, dry, oil free air supplying the paint gun.

It looks the same as the "Original" white model you have used for years, but now is supplied in Orange with improved air flow for HVLP as well as High Pressure applications. Improvements include increased thread strength for resistance to breakage.

Designed to remove the smallest contaminant particle, oil-aerosol or drop of moisture to supply clean, dry, oil free air to your spray gun. Users of the D-12 report reduced paint defects, resulting in increased paint department productivity with the ultimate final finishes.


Your Price: $14.54

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