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Peel Wheel Adhesive Remover Wheel

Item#: PWH 1

The Peel Wheel is the first adhesive remover wheel specifically designed to remove adhesive from plastic automotive parts.

The Peel Wheel is specifically formulated to remove two sided tape from mouldings, appliques, painted bumpers and even rubber parts without damaging the plastic or paint. The Peel Wheel on average is 225% faster at removing moulding adhesive over the traditional solvent and razor blade method, saving you time and money.

Extreme durability is another benefit of using the Peel Wheel, giving you months worth of use from a single wheel.

3" Diameter

Your Price: $27.00

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Peel Wheel Remover Replacement Wheel

Item#: PWH 2

Replacement wheel for the Peel Wheel Adhesive Remover.

Your Price: $16.00