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Astro Pneumatic Pinstripe Remover Arbor

Item#: APT 400EAR

Pinstripe remover arbor for use with drill or die grinder. 

Your Price: $3.91

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Astro Pneumatic Rapid Eraser Pad

Item#: APT 500E

Astro rapid eraser pads.

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Astro Pneumatic Smart Eraser Pads

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Astro pinstripe eraser pads.

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Astro Pneumatic Pinstripe Removal Kit

Item#: APT 32

Pinstripe Removal Kit - 4,000rpm Pinstripe Removal Tool w/ Safety Lever and 12 Smart Eraser Pads

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Astro Pneumatic ONYX Adhesive Removal System

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ONYX Adhesive Removal System - Includes 1pc 500ET and 6pc 500E

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